Welcome to Geography









I am Mareanna Ingram. I have been teaching at the Maharishi School for 23 years. Both my daughters (at university now) went to the school from Reception, where I believe they received a wonderfully holistic education.

My subject is Geography – probably one of the most exciting subjects to teach. It is a great joy to share this journey of discovering the world anew with each year group. We explore the world through maps. Our first question is always, “Where am I?” We play games like the jelly baby game and have debates about population structures around the world that involve us all, and best of all we get to go out in the world and learn about settlements, honeypots and rivers in the field.

The new Geography Curriculum has shifted the focus from memorising facts to “thinking like a geographer”. This fits in very well with our whole school approach of synthesis and analysis in every subject. Pupils learn from the very start how to look at the world with an enquiring mind, helping them to make informed choices in their own lives as well as performing well in the subject.