Hello, my name is Allan Lowrie and I am the Year 4 Teacher at Maharishi School.

Year 4 is a challenging, exciting and engaging year group where the children will learn a plethora of new ideas and concepts. Not only are they now in the “upper floor” of the school, they will find more responsibilities and roles to take on in and around school.

We will take a journey back to Viking and Anglo-Saxon times, discovering kings, battles and fascinating laws. During the year we will also research the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, as well as the evolution of our own monarchy. Year 4 will develop their geographical knowledge and skills to compare areas of Britain and Italy, examine natural disasters, and finally celebrate the beauty of our world.

We aim to continue a passion for learning and reading, with a range of class reading books to study throughout the year including ‘How To Train Your Dragon’.

PE will be held once per week and children are to come to school in their PE kits. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions.