The Approach

CbE is a systematic approach to unfolding the full potential of every pupil, based on Maharishi’s teaching about the full value of human consciousness. According to Maharishi, everyone has an “inner treasury” of energy, happiness, creativity and intelligence that, for the most part, lies hidden from view deep within our mind, lies hidden below the surface values of everyday life. “Below the surface values” means beneath the physical and mental activity that demands most of our attention. However, if we don’t find time to put some attention on re-connecting those surface values with the inner, more silent values of our own consciousness, those inner values remain out of reach, undeveloped and unused.

CbE uses the simple and natural practice of Transcendental Meditation (and Word of Wisdom for younger pupils), an effortless mental technique, to dive within the mind for a few minutes every day to access that inner treasury and unfold those inner values of energy, happiness, creativity and intelligence. Once they are open to view, they naturally become available for use.