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knowledge is structured in consciousness


Andrea RodgersMaths

I am Andrea Rodgers and I teach mathematics.

Mathematics is the study of the patterns and relationships that we find in the physical world.  My focus is on the development of quantitative skills, abstract reasoning and problem-solving ability within my students as these provide the basis for success and leadership in many careers.  But these abilities depend on clarity of thinking and reasoning within a child’s consciousness, all of which have been shown to increase with the practice of TM.

We set high standards at our school and I encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.  I also encourage participation in events such as the national Maths Challenge competitions, World Number Day, World Education Games, Further Maths Support Programme Team Competitions, Florence Nightingale Day Maths Events, UKMT Team Maths Challenges and the University of Liverpool MEM Maths Master Classes.

If you or your children enjoy exploring and discovering mathematics and its applications to our world, both physical and non-physical, please get in touch – I would love to meet you.