Year 6 visit to The World Museum, Liverpool

Last Thursday Year 6 visited The World Museum in Liverpool

They saw many fascinating exhibits and were captivated by the activities that they took part in.

In the World cultures section there were Asian, African, Americas and Tribal areas. In the Asian part there were samurai battle suits and katanas’ of all sorts. There were also a lovely room full of Buddhas made of pure gold! In the Tribal area, there were awesome masks and cool art. In the African area, there were lots of wooden figures, big and small.

There were also beautiful chairs and stools, decorated with colours. Also there were amazing curved swords and daggers. In the Americas area, there were eskimo suits and weird looking goggles. They had hatchets, knives, bows and crazy arrows and spears for whale hunting.

In the workshop we learnt about canopic jars. We learnt how old they are ( about 4,000 – 5,000 years). The jars were used to put organs in: Duamutef( who had the head of a jackal)kept the stomach, Imsety (who had the head of a man )kept the liver, Hapi ( who had the head of a baboon) kept the lungs, Qebehsenuef (who had the head of a falcon) kept the intestines.