Year 9

Maharishi School

Year 9

knowledge is structured in consciousness


Year 9 are in their final year of KS3 and we can now see the measure of the progress they have made academically in addition to the progress they have enjoyed personally and socially. Pupils’ progress is assessed at regular intervals in Year 9 and intervention strategies are put in place as required. Teachers are laying the groundwork for GCSE; teaching the skills needed and familiarising students with the nature of GCSE work for individual subjects.

Some of our Gifted and Talented pupils will already have begun completing one or another GCSE. This is also the final year that pupils can begin a Computer Science GCSE. It’s an exciting time when many students begin to look forward to their future and really buckle down. Further education and career advice is made available. As well, in Year 9 many of our pupils start the Duke of Edinburgh programme.