Year 8

Maharishi School

Year 8

knowledge is structured in consciousness


After a year at the Maharishi School, the year 8 pupils have settled in, routines are familiar and they are not the youngest in school anymore. Continued practice of TM helps them to develop in many key areas – growing creativity and understanding, growing in interpersonal relationships and growing in focus and resilience. Their meditation is checked regularly to ensure their personal experience is blissful and fulfilling.

While in year 8 pupils get to try some challenges: pupils interested in Chemistry may be entered into the Salter’s Chemistry Festival at Manchester or Liverpool Universities (which we won the first time we entered); they can enter the National Maths Challenges and continue to enjoy the after school clubs on offer. Year 8 is the first year that pupils who wish to can begin to study for a Computer Science GCSE.

Year 8 has been the year who won the Class behaviour reward – going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a day – more than other years. Year 8 is a year still full of the joys of learning without the challenges of GCSEs being overwhelming.