Year 7

Maharishi School

Year 7

knowledge is structured in consciousness


Most Year 7 students at Maharishi School will have moved up from Year 6. They will already have spent a few days at the end of the previous year attending the Secondary to help them acclimatise to the exciting, academically challenging environment they will find themselves in from September.

For those new students from other schools lucky enough to secure a place at Maharishi School for Year 7 they will find a very different environment from other secondaries they may have visited: an environment that is human scale, students who are comfortable enough within themselves to be welcoming to new faces, and teachers who take a personal interest in each and every child’s progress and well-being. Most importantly, they will experience Transcendental Meditation – the cornerstone of Maharishi School’s Consciousness-based Education, which helps students to thrive in an academically challenging environment.

In addition, all Year 7 students also have an opportunity to enrich their standard academic experience with a variety of extracurricular subjects including:

  • Photography (extracurricular GCSE at extra cost)
  • Computer Science (GCSE)
  • Art Club
  • Science Club