Year 10

Maharishi School

Year 10

knowledge is structured in consciousness


During Year 10 pupils are fully immersed in their GCSE courses. Teaching and non-teaching staff support them as they work very hard in school, and on homework. We organise many Educational Visits during Year 10, for pupils to engage in additional learning outside of the classroom.

This is also the point at which pupils visit nearby colleges. We take them to careers’ day presentations, as well as whole day visits to neighbouring FE institutions to help them think about what career path they would like to take, and how they can achieve this once they have left the Maharishi School.

In addition to the academic activities, the Maharishi School is very lucky to have Mrs. Ingram and Mr. Scott work tirelessly on the D of E awards with this year group. They offer guidance to pupils as they complete their volunteering and skills, as well as help with the preparations for their camping expeditions. The school is very fortunate to have these members of staff who can offer such a well-recognised award.

With Year 10 in mind, we invite some of our past pupils to speak at our assemblies and tell of their experiences during their school years, and since they have left. These events are successful as they enable pupils to ask questions to people, near to their own age who ‘understand’ the pressures and opportunities of being in Year 10.”