School Structure, Staff & Governance

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School Structure, Staff & Governance

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Maharishi School Trust Governance Structure

Maharishi School Trust has 3 layers of Governance:

  • Governors (which, in the case of a single academy trust, are synonymous with Trustees and Directors) are responsible for the strategic direction and governance of the Academy; our Governors serve a two-year term. Elected Governors then run for re-election if they so choose, while appointed Governors may be reappointed by the Members if they accept to be reappointed. The ‘Date Appointed’ is the start date of their most recent period of continuous service.
  • Members are the nominal shareholders of the organisation effectively ensuring that the ethos and educational objectives of the academy are sustained. Members also appoint all non-elected Governors to the Board who are not externally appointed. Our Academy has 6 members.
  • Committees are responsible for a given area of governance and report to the Board of Governors. Participants in the committee are determined by the Governors and the majority of the participants in a committee must be Governors. Maharishi School Trust has one committee, the Finance Committee, which makes recommendations to the Board on both financial and human resource matters; this Committee is currently Chaired by Dr Ian Birnbaum, OBE.
Maharishi School Staff Governing Body Members
Principal Chairman Chairman
Lisa Edwards

Dr. Ian Birnbaum O.B.E

Richard Buswell