Public Benefit

Maharishi School

Public Benefit

knowledge is structured in consciousness


The Maharishi Free School curriculum provides an academic framework that encourages pupils to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, enabling them to become analytical reflective and creative thinkers who are able to realise that ‘the world is my family’

One of Maharishi Free School’s guiding principles is “The world is my family”. We recognise the unity of every individual with every aspect of the world, not only other people, but the whole environment.

This is reflected in principles taught to the students as part of the curriculum, designed to promote a strong connection between the student and every aspect of life. Practical expressions of this is the fundraising our pupils undertake for those in need around the world, particularly:

  • BBC Children In Need
  • Water Aid
  • Polio Children
  • Samaritans Purse

Maharishi School is also very active in the practical application of its ethos statement “The World is my Family”. It has this year hosted 15 staff from a Swedish multi-racial, multi-ethnic state school with refugee students. This was part of a EU Mobility grant the Swedish school had received to visit a school that could provide an example of best practice in this very important area, and they chose Maharishi School. Maharishi School is now a registered ‘e-Twinning’ partner of the visiting School and holds regular Skype calls to provide follow-up support.