Primary Reception

Maharishi School

Primary Reception

knowledge is structured in consciousness



The Prime Areas of Learning

During the year we will be playing nicely and making friends, trying new things, listening carefully, following instructions, moving confidently in different ways, show good control over large and small movements and learning how to keep healthy and stay safe.


During our topics we will share and then use our phonic knowledge to write, for example, about ourselves, our favourite animals, about the stories of Handa’s Surprise, Cinderella, George and the Dragon, The Pirate Feast, The Wicked Pirates and non-fiction books about Castles. During our Holidays topic we will look at books about Seaside Trips and different destinations.


During our Maths Sessions we will be looking at; 2D & 3D Shapes, Addition & Subtraction, Solving Problems, Looking at vocabulary relating to Money and Time, Recognising Numbers to 20, Counting in1s, 2s & 10s, Ordering numbers to 20, Practising our Measuring Skills.

Understanding the World

Throughout the year we will be investigating and exploring the world around us, for example, the children will design a castle using a paint package. The children will investigate dark and light as George the mouse is scared of the dark. The children will make a pirate ship and test to see whether it floats or sinks. The children will look at contrasting localities as part of their Holidays topic. The children will be investigating items found on the beach.

Expressive Arts & Design

The children will be expressing their creativity in many different ways throughout the year, for example, designing a shoe for Cinderella to wear at the ball. The children will create a castle using shapes in the style of the famous artists Mondrian and Kandinsky.