Primary English

Maharishi School

Primary eNGLISH

knowledge is structured in consciousness


At the Maharishi School we have an English Policy that integrates Maharishi’s emphasis on the development of consciousness with language teaching that imaginatively fulfills the requirements of English in the National Curriculum.

Both writing and reading are assessed termly using the Lancashire assessment grids; KLIPs, and in Key stage 1 and 2 we use a scheme called Hamilton Trust to support English planning. As the children practice Word of Wisdom and TM their own creativity is naturally unfolding.

Teachers channel this creativity in purposeful, thoughtful and delightful activities.  For example, all of the children in the primary phase have the opportunity to register with an online program called Reading Eggs. The program develops children’s enthusiasm and ability in reading through fun and exciting games. We enliven the children’s receptivity to reading, writing and language with enthusiasm, kindness, appreciation and love, and the learning experiences we offer aim to ensure a lasting pleasure, and refined and imaginative use of English Language and Literature.