Children’s Stories

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Children’s Stories

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Below is a selection of stories written by Maharishi School StudentsInspired by Halloween 2016


I’ll take you to Auradon by Eva Year 3

Once upon a time there was a girl called Evie. She was normally very naughty but today was much more different! Today Evie’s behavior was amazing . The queen of apples Evie’s Mum was furious. I’ll take you to Auradon! She screeched.

“What if the fairy godmother shrinks me?”said Evie in fear I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO AURADON!! Screamed Evie in rage. What if they are nice to me?

You are going to Auradon her mother said  angrily! “Taxi Taxi can I have a taxi”  said Evie’s Mum” I need a taxi to Auradon”.  In the car, it smelled lovely and in the back of the limousine because it was full of sweets, lollipops, rock and chocolate. When Evie arrived at Auradon as Evie looked  out of the window it seemed as if it was bright and happy like it wasn’t on her island.

As Evie slowly climbed out of the taxi everyone was cheering for her. Evie skidded through the huge,red  and soft front door then suddenly she bumped into prince Ben. “Hi Evie greeted Ben are you staying said ben  y_y_yes” said Evie as she got up from the floor. They had a magnificent  time together and they got married


I’ll take you to Mr. Emsley by Noah Year 3

Once upon a time there was a kind, rich, little boy called Oliver.  Oliver was 4 years old. He lived in London in a huge mansion with his big brother called Reuben.  He was 17 years old and kind. One day Oliver hit his dad with a pan “I’m taking you to Mr. Emsley”, yelled Dad.

Oliver dreaded he would be turned into a pig! Perhaps he makes children clean his dusty,creepy,dirty house!Suddenly his father pushed Oliver out the door“Go to

Suddenly his father pushed Oliver out the door“Go to Mr. Emsley’ house now!  After   his dad slammed  the door he started  walking slowly through the dark street.

When he got to Mr. Emsley’s house it made him scared because his garden was  a mess.The glass from the window was on the garden floor also there was tons of  veg .There were tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumbers and more! He must love veg Oliver thought. Also, there was a bat  nest and a broken gnome.

The door suddenly creaked open! Then Mr. Emsley stepped out and  looked at Oliver. “Hello, you must be Oliver”. Come inside. I’m sure you’ll like my kitten. “There called  Pom Pom, Cutey, Fluffy and Scruffy Mc Junior”. “Thank you” murmured Oliver” Now please come inside.  Oliver realised  Mr. Emsley was a good man after all!


I’ll take you to Miss Cacher by Verity Year 3

Once upon a time there was a compassionate, gentle beautiful Pokemon catcher called Verity Ketchum . She had caught all the Pokemon in the world, it was very good for her age despite that she was seven and a quart!

One day it was unusual because of her behaviour. It all started that afternoon when her big brother Ash read the long newspaper after he was back from high school . It said about a fierce ,scary and long combat it was Verity Ketchum V.S Anton Summer’s Plus there next door neighbor! It was all pokemon but Verity won the match by one pokemon! Now that is why Ash ketchum was mad . Ash said in a very high voice “I’LL TAKE YOU TO MISS CACHER !…

Verity’s imagination started to run wild like an animal in the jungle .What if Miss Cacher let the pokemon in the hospital run around and let them eat me up she thought ?!! Verity already noad what the hospital looked like a big,beautiful and colorful but she always saw her letting them free .What if Miss Cacher turned children into pokemonslave’s ?!! Verity started to sob while big tears rolled down her face like melting ice cream in the sun …

Verity’s brother quickly demanded to put on her winter coat what was light as snow and her trainer’s . Verity hurled did as her’ brother commander and walked very slowly and nervously . Ash marched her through the deep,early and cracked street . When they stopped at the gate of the gate hospital then creaked open by the noisy wind and made poor Verity jump onto the grass …

Suddenly the medium sized door quietly opened soon she saw Miss Cacher ! Then Miss Cacher said in a kind , gently voice “Come in my love and do you help feed the pokemon “? She replied “Yes I will love to “!” Ok then we better get started “ said Miss Cacher . Then they went in the hospital .