Pupil Photograph Policy & Procedures

Maharishi School


Pupil Photograph Policy & Procedures

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Maharishi School Pupil Photograph Policy & Procedures.


  • The school uses pupil photographs on its Information Management System (Schoolpod), the website, the school’s facebook account, in emailed/hardcopy newsletters and for press advertising purposes. All photographs are digital and hard copies produced only as required for specific purposes. Schoolpod access is protected by username, password and pin.
  • The school takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all photographic and similar images are stored securely and are only accessible to those authorised to use them. Schoolpod pupil records are not available to supply teachers or similar temporary staff.
  • Parents/carers/guardians (hereafter “parents”) sign a Media Permission slip, covering photography, video and audio reproduction when their child starts school. The original permission can be changed at any subsequent time by request, indicating what they do or don’t consent to.
  • Parents are informed on the Media Permission sheet that photographic/video material taken by the school or the school photographer are retained by the school and how they are stored.
  • When a child starts in Reception at Maharishi School a photograph is taken (with permission) by the class teacher or TA for class use and these are also provided to the office for inclusion on Schoolpod. The photographs of children starting in other years are taken by the teacher or class TA for class and Schoolpod use. Pupil pictures are kept on Schoolpod for the duration of the child’s time at the school (and are updated periodically, usually when the official school photographer has been) for identification purposes only and can only be accessed by authorised staff only.
  • Pupil photographs are retained on their records on Schoolpod for three years once the pupil leaves the school, and are then deleted.
  • The approved school photographers come every other year and photograph every child unless there is a refusal from the parent or, in the case of Secondary pupils, the pupil themselves. If not distributed to families immediately, the initial packs are kept in a locked cupboard no longer than 72 hours. When the ordered photo packs arrive for distribution to parents, if not distributed to families immediately, they are kept in a locked cupboard for up to 72 hours prior to distribution to families, via Primary reading folders or Secondary pupils themselves. Parents are notified by email/text that the photopacks are being sent home.
  • Photographs the school no longer requires are deleted from all aspects of the school system (Schoolpod, school network, server etc) and any hardcopies are shredded or similarly destroyed. The school also receives a disk of the photographs from the photographers, which is stored in a locked cupboard, in an office locked when unoccupied during the day and at night. Photographs are taken from each disk to update pupil pictures on Schoolpod. Each disk is destroyed 12 years after receipt.
  • Pupil photographs taken in class, on school trips, in school clubs etc are transferred from the camera/memory disk etc to the school network and the original version deleted. The school network is available to necessary staff only and is password protected.
  • Photographs taken for use on the website are stored on the school system and only on the (personal password protected) drive of the staff website monitor.
  • Photographs used for advertising purposes are provided to our regular graphic designer only, who stores them on a password protected drive on a desktop computer kept in an office which is locked when not in use. On request unwanted photographs are deleted. Advertisement artwork is provided to publications in PDF format.
  • Mobile Phones: Please refer to the schools Mobile Phone Policy