Charging And Remission Policy

Maharishi School

Charging And Remission Policy

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The School encourages a varied and full range of activities for all students to participate in, and this policy aims to enable equal access to these experiences for all our students. In conformity with the Education Reform Act 1988, it is our policy:

To charge for all board and lodging costs on residential activities (except where students are entitled to statutory remission.
To charge for activities wholly or mainly outside of school hours which are not part of a prescribed public examination, required to fulfil the National Curriculum or religious education.

Not to charge for examination entries except where:

the school has not prepared students for the examination in the year for which the entry is made; or
the student has failed, for no good reason, to complete the requirements of the examination or to attend for it.

Not to charge for books, materials, equipment, instruments or incidental transport provided in connection with the preparation of prescribed public examinations, National Curriculum, statutory religious education except where parents have indicated in advance their willingness to purchase the products

To request voluntary contributions from parents for activities in or out of school hours for which compulsory charges cannot be made, but which can only be provided if there is enough voluntary funding to ensure that no student is excluded from such activity by reason of unwillingness or inability to pay the voluntary contribution

To request payment from parents for damage or loss of school property caused wilfully or neglectfully by their children

To delegate to the Headteacher the determination of any individual case arising from the implementation of this policy