Inside Out Day



We are choosing to take part in the first ever Inside Out Day tomorrow, Thursday 6th February. Inside Out Day calls for children and adults alike to wear an item of clothing ’Inside Out’ as a way of making us all stop and think about how someone may look OK or happy on the outside, but inside they may be feeling sad or worried. It is a day to remind us to always be kind and think of others as no one knows how another person may be feeling.
This initiative has been developed by the family of Jenny Jackson, who suffered with mental health issues. Jenny’s sister, Johanna Novick, said: “Mental health is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society. Social media can often disguise reality making everyone else look like they’re happy and leading wonderful lives, even when they’re not. We just want to let children know it’s Ok not to be Ok and that no-one is perfect (even though they may look it).”Wearing an item of clothing ‘inside out’ will make us all stop and consider how appearances can be deceptive, how we can never know how other people really feel and the importance of kindness no matter what.