Awards & Achievements

Maharishi School


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The Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry

I June 2017, a four-strong team of students from Year 8, along with Mr. Marriott, attended The Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry in Liverpool John Moores University yesterday. The festival is to help promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst the young.
Our young scientists won 2nd prize in the challenge.


The Maharishi School has become a Licenced Duke of Edinburgh Organisation, giving us the ability to run the programme in our school. In the first year, 22 pupils from year 11 and 10 (more than 80% of the year groups) started their Bronze award. Many of that year group went on to complete their awards at college, but of the 22, 15 received their Bronze Award at a ceremony at the school before leaving in May 2016.

Group 2 are due to receive their bronze award in December 2017 and our Silver group scheduled to complete their awards this coming academic year.

Pupils have been showing real initiative and independent focus choosing and completing a variety of skills, volunteering opportunities and physical activities, for example, learning to touch type, volunteering at Children Society charity shops, free-running, climbing and deep sea diving.

We are especially proud of our pupils’ demonstration of leadership, cooperation, perseverance and positivity.

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge is over and we are SO pleased to announce that the total number of books read by the children across the whole school (primary and secondary) is 4740!!! This is in less than 7 weeks!