Adverse Weather

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AdVerse Weather

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Adverse Weather Policy

The school will make every effort to remain open whenever possible.

The decision to close the school will be made by the Headteacher. The school will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Insufficient staff are present to keep the school running safely.
  • Conditions on site are dangerous.
  • Conditions are considered to be — or are anticipated to later become — too hazardous to travel.

In the event of severe weather: Parents

When school closure is a possibility parents should find out whether the school is open by telephoning the school. Information about school closure will be included in the welcoming message.

If it is decided that the school will open or close early, but the road conditions are difficult, parents should ring the school to advise that they are likely to be late.

Please note: The DfE advises that if parents assume that the school is closed but it is actually open, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised unless the Headteacher is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances.

In the event of severe weather: The School

The Headteacher will decide whether the school will open taking into account the conditions at the school and the ability of staff and/or pupils to get there.

If the Headteacher decides the school will close he/she will update the welcome message on the phone system and send a message to staff and parents.

The school fully appreciates that in bad weather children may arrive later than usual.

When pupils arrive they should report to the school office before going to their class.

Exceptional Circumstances

The School recognises that there may be cases where families are ‘cut off’ due to particular difficulties in the area in which they live.

In such cases parents should advise the Headteacher of their particular circumstances and why the absence can be authorised.

In the event of severe weather during the school day

If there is severe weather during the school day, the Headteacher will decide whether it is necessary to close the school or allow pupils to leave early.

The School Office will try to contact parents and ask that they pick their child/children up from school as soon as possible.

For pupils whose families have arrived to collect them, a Deputy Head can also authorise teachers to release pupils early directly into the supervision of their family. In order to maintain a quiet and settled atmosphere for the benefit of the individual and the group, pupils will not be released from school during the session.

The Staff that live furthest from the school will be permitted to leave at the earliest opportunity. A skeleton staff will remain in school until all of the children have been collected.

If a parent rings requesting they pick their child up early due to the weather, and the decision has not been made to close the school, these requests will be considered on an individual basis by the Headteacher.