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Admissions FAQ’s

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Admissions FAQ’s

What is the Admissions Body for Maharishi Free School?

The Admissions Body is the Governing Body of Maharishi Free School. The published admission number for Reception is 18. These policies are applied to all admissions to the school, including in-year admissions.

My Child is already in the Primary phase of Maharishi School, do I have to apply for Maharishi School Secondary phase?

No, Maharishi Free School is a Reception to Year 11 (all-through) School. A child already enrolled at the school in Year 6 will automatically have a place in Year 7 and there will be no need to reapply.

Can a Reception place be part-time?

Reception places are available on a full or part-time basis and parents should feel free to approach the School.

Is deferred entry available?

If your child is offered a full time place before s/he reaches compulsory school age, you have the option of deferring the child’s entry until later in the school year or of having the child attend on a part-time basis, but not beyond the start of the next term after the child’s fifth birthday. A place will be held and will not be offered to another child.

What about Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

Applications for children with a statement for special educational needs, or its statutory replacement, where the school is named, are considered separately in liaison with the Local Authority. Where places are allocated within this category they are admitted before the application of the over-subscription criteria.

How do you determine a child’s permanent address?

The child’s permanent address is the one where he or she usually wakes up.

Where a child lives with one parent for part of the week and another for the rest of the week, only the permanent address, as defined above, will be accepted for a school admission application. Parents may be asked for evidence of residence where this is required to apply the admission policy (i.e. for straight line measures).

What if my application is late?

Any applications received after the closing date will be accepted but considered only after those received by the closing date. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that your application is received on time.

Fraudulent Information

If the allocation of a place has been made on the basis of fraudulent or intentionally misleading information, the governors reserve the right to withdraw the place. In certain circumstances places may be withdrawn after a child has started at the school.

Free School Meals (FSM)

Maharishi School does not process applications for Free School Meals. Applications for Free School Meals are dealt with by Lancashire County Council.

Please see the link below for Information on Free School Meals:

Free School Meals Information

If you feel that your child may be entitled to free school meals, please complete the form below:

Free School Meals Application Form

Once you have received notification of your approval, please bring in your letter to the school office, so that your child’s record can be adjusted.