Feedback From Parents

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Feedback From Parents

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What parents think about Maharishi Free School

We get many letters of support from parents of our pupils. We thought we would share some of their thoughts here to give you a view of the experiences of parents whose children attend the school.

“I am a parent of a child attending the Maharishi Free School, Lancashire and gaining a place for my child in a non-faith primary school was of great importance to my family. We are Humanists and wanted our child to be educated free from any religion/faith.  We searched the surrounding area for other non faith schools, The Maharishi Free School being one of them. My family and I were astounded  by the Maharishi Free Schools commitment to inclusion of all, the welfare and happiness of the children and above all, education without religion in a loving and caring environment. As a parent you want the best start for your child and we found this at the Maharishi Free School”

It has often occurred to me, all through my time in education, up to completing an MA, and my time in senior positions in large commercial organisations, that the traditional view of people being either ‘vocational’ or ‘academic’ is a very narrow and restricting view of how as human beings we learn and operate. One of the very many benefits of the Maharishi School is that it brings out the best in each and every pupil – based on who they are as individuals – ironically leading to fabulous academic results, but most importantly, to well-rounded, confident and happy children.

I cannot recommend the Maharishi School highly enough. Many friends and colleagues have been so impressed by how well the children seem to be developing as well-rounded personalities that they have enquired about how they can send their children to the school, leading to the long waiting lists for places across all class years. It would be wonderful if the school was large enough to take all those that have been to the school and subsequently applied, so they could share this valuable experience too.”

“Chatting to one of our Year 8 pupils this morning, she said to me; “I love the Maharishi School so much. It is the best – everyone is so lovely”. She added “and there is NOT ONE bully in this school”.

I try to give something back by being a Member of the School because I’m immensely grateful for my time there.

“My children are so happy at the Maharishi School. I am amazed at the difference in my boys. I feel the hopes and dreams I had for them have now returned. I can’t thank the school enough for the opportunity and happiness they have brought to our family.”

“At Maharishi School there is a nurturing, supportive environment, unlike other schools. I have also noticed an increase in my children’s confidence and a more balanced nature.”

“The faith of my children and I is that of the Muslim faith. When we chose the Maharishi School for our children, we did so because of the use of Transcendental Meditation and consciousness-based education. This is a tremendous ethos as it allows the children to be calmer and less stressed. This in turn allows them to perform to the best of their ability and we believe also contributes to their development. The result is a well-balanced individual of high self-esteem contributing to society in a positive way. Of course I wish this for my children. It is my understanding that there are many published works supporting these findings in an evidence-based way. We were fully informed of the ethos of the Maharishi school through our own research and through a long, informative discussion with Dr. Cassells the then Headmaster of the Maharishi School. We were so delighted when our first child was offered a place at the Maharishi school followed by our second child. We found that the ethos of the school is indeed as described and is practised and followed daily in the school and at home. It is quite remarkable to see how calm, polite and well-behaved the children are. It is refreshing frankly. The ethos does not contradict with the Muslim faith. In fact it compliments it. Since our children have joined the school many of our work colleagues and friends and family have been intrigued by our choice of school and our reasons why. On explanation from our standpoint, this has led to clarity for them of what the Maharishi school is all about and an interest in their part in the school for their own children.”

“I attend worship at a local parish church (Church of England) on a regular basis, together with my two teenage children. We have been involved in church life over a number of years which has been an entirely compatible experience. It has always been my experience that TM is not a faith practice, but a technique for allowing the mind and body to gain a state of deep rest, which then enables greater energy, better concentration and more harmonious relationships in activity. This is visibly evident in the behaviour of the children at school, who demonstrate a deep and sensitive awareness of and caring towards the needs of others. These are values of behaviour that are entirely consistent with Christian teaching and supportive of the understanding of this religious tradition.”

“I am writing in support of the principles of the Maharishi Free School and its policy on ‘inclusivity’.  My daughter, who is now 10 years old, has been studying at the school since Reception class. We have been practising TM and Word of Wisdom everyday for the last six years and being Hindus by religion we have experienced that this practice and the ethos and objectives (including IDS) taught at the school in no way conflict our personal beliefs. My daughter is a confident and bright student. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and is very eager to learn, I believe that this is all due to consciousness based education and the curriculum taught at the school as well as the teachers teaching there. I was fully informed of the ethos of the Maharishi Free School before my daughter’s admission into the school and feel that the school have adhered to their values and principles of teaching. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to send my daughter to the ‘perfect’ school which helps children to build a strong foundation for all their future learning and educational success.”

“I would just like to thank the staff at the school – since joining in September my daughter is like a different little girl. She is re-gaining her confidence, has made lots of friends and even asks to go to the school at weekends!”