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GCSE Photography

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GCSE Photography

I have a passion for taking photographs and have an M.A. in Fine Art Photography. Also before teaching History at the Maharishi School, I was a Moderator for the AQA, the exam board, specialising in Art & Design.

After retiring this year I decided I would like to offer to run an after-school Photography Course with a view to offering students an extra GCSE Subject.

Based on my experience, I feel that the GCSE Endorsed Photography is the least stressful and least onerous of all the GCSE Subjects. It is therefore an enjoyable, ideal and rewarding extra subject.

This is an extra-curricular activity and it will not be timetabled. There is an extra cost for this (details can be obtained by contacting the Secondary Phase). Students will attend after-school lessons in Photography on Tuesdays from 4pm-5pm. The course is structured in a series of 5-week units spread out over the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms.

The last of these units will be the Controlled Assessment (Exam). At the end of the course each student will exhibit their photographic work. This will be assessed and then moderated by an external assessor.