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out of Hours service

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Out of Hours Service Details


The morning club is open from 8.00 am until 9.20 am, at which time the member of staff on duty will supervise pupils. A small snack and a drink will be provided, but this is not intended as a substitute for breakfast at home.
N.B. Children attending the club need to be delivered to the club staff for signing in. Children should not be delivered to school before 9.20 am unless they are attending the club.


In the afternoon pupils are supervised by the member of staff on duty until 3.40 pm.

The after-school club starts at 3.40 pm and runs for two hours, with one or two-hour session options. A snack and drink will be provided. – N.B. Any unattended lower school pupils at school after 3.40 pm, or upper school pupils (except TM-Sidhi practitioners) after 4.10 pm, will be considered as attending the club.

It is essential that children are collected before 5.40 pm. Late collections will be charged for (See charges below). Unavoidable delays should be pre-notified by telephoning the school.

You do not have to book into the club, as long as the child knows they are attending, but Secondary School children should inform the office at the beginning of the day. They will need to be collected from the Primary School.


The charges are – £3.60 per hour or part of the hour per pupil: i.e. Should your child be in the Out of Hours facility for 2 x hours it will be £7.20. Should your child be in the Out of Hours facility for 1.5 hours the cost will be £7.20 with the exception of the morning session where the charge will be £1.20 for the first 20 minutes and £3.60 for the following hour (£4.80 in total).

If you need to contact the out of hours club while your child is there, please call the out of hours mobile phone on – 07904 472121

N.B. There will be a charge for children that are collected late from Out of Hours Club. This will be charged at £10.00 per 10 minutes, or part thereof, per child. (£10.00 minimum charge).

Weekly invoices will be emailed out to the e-mail address provided to us. Charges for these are put on ParentPay for payment.

Payment should be made immediately.