Word of the Week

Mrs Steele’s Word of the Week for this week is ‘Evasive’. The Oxford Dictionary has given the following definitions for this word: 1. Tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, especially by responding only indirectly. e.g. At Westminster, a series of written questions given to the politician has produced singularly evasive […]

Headteacher Award

Our Headteacher award has been presented to Anton for having the confidence to express a strong personal belief in a mature and thoughtful way, and to Lydia for revising well and acting on advice given in English. Both students have shown noteworthy personal and academic development that does them credit. […]

Year 11 Trip to The Thackray Medical Museum

As part of their study for GCSE History, Year 11 visited the Thackray Medical Museum on Tuesday 13th March. Here they are standing in a reconstructed street from 1842, with a butchers shop in the background. Thankfully, we cannot send smells through the internet, as there were very realistic odours […]