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The Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Maharishi School


Maharishi School offers every student the opportunity to earn both a Bronze and a Silver Award.

We have now been running this scheme for Bronze participants for 5 years. The school offers this programme to pupils as we believe it complements our own ethos. Pupils develop skills and aspects of themselves which are not always covered by the curriculum for example leadership,initiative and independence. This year our Silver group planned and executed a 3-day unassisted expedition in the Ribble Valley.

Bronze group 2 qualifying expeditionPupils really enjoy doing the expeditions and have all passed their qualifying expeditions the first time and assessors have always commented on how cooperative and supportive of each other our participants are.

This year our latest Bronze group has been doing group Volunteering at the Beacon Country Park with the Rangers where they have been working in heathland to control woodland succession to preserve the heath for a type of bee that only feeds on heath nectar. They have collected Hawthorn seeds for propagation and built a bench for visitors to sit on. They also went out at one session to pick up more than 20 bags of litter in one hour along a popular footpath along the Tawd Vale.

The demands placed on pupils becoming involved in the DofE scheme increase as they progress from one award to the next. However, many of the activities that each pupil undertakes are chosen by each individual, ensuring that they are interested in the activity and are likely to succeed.

Because the Scheme demands considerable commitment and determination many universities and employers recognise the value of the Duke of Edinburgh Award as it shows the holder has self-discipline, enterprise and perseverance.

The Award has different levels, each made up of four sections:DofE Awards 2016

1)   Volunteering

2)   Physical

3)   Skill

4)   Expedition



The Volunteering section gives pupils the chance to make a contribution to their community, and activities such as conservation, or working with children, the differently-abled or the elderly, can all count towards the Volunteering section of the Award.

The Skills section encourages pupils to develop a new skill, or raise an existing skill to a new level whether it is cooking, photography, learning a new language, or playing a musical instrument.

The Physical section can include the usual team sports, but also activities such as climbing, kayaking, table tennis, yoga asanas, athletics or circuit training.