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About Consciousness-based Education

Consciousness-based Education

Consciousness-based Education recognises that the educational process has a three-fold structure involving:

  • the knower (the student)
  • the processes of knowing (which connects the knower with the known)
  • the known (the curriculum that the student studies)

All three aspects of education can be fully developed by this Consciousness-based Education and when knowledge is complete, life is lived in fulfilment.

Developing the KnowerAbout Consciousness-based Education

Traditionally, education has focused primarily on what the students study — the objective aspect of knowledge, the known. Very little attention has been given to developing the abilities of the student to learn and the teacher to teach.

Education has lacked a systematic means of developing the full value of the knower and the processes of knowing, making the acquisition of complete knowledge impossible.

The quality of the students’ awareness is fundamental to successful educational outcomes. Truly successful education cannot lie solely in what the students learn or in what they are taught. Ultimately the degree of success of education lies in fully unfolding the latent potential of each student. Consciousness-based Education directly develops receptivity, intelligence, creativity, and neurophysiological integration in all students irrespective of their background, attitudes, gender, or abilities.

This understanding reflects a fundamental concept of Consciousness-based Education; knowledge is structured in consciousness. This is the core of the educational philosophy of Maharishi Free School; develop the full potential of each student for educational success.

The development of consciousness

Maharishi School’s commitment to systematically developing the full potential of every student and teacher is realised through their daily practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation is an easily learned, effortless mental practice which promotes ideal education through the development of consciousness. Through this practice the student’s latent potential begins to unfold.

The wide range of cognitive, psychological, and physiological benefits from the practice of TM have been extensively validated by over 500 scientific research studies, conducted at more than 200 universities around the world.

Maharishi’s Principles of Ideal Teaching

This is a body of ideal teaching principles that constitute an integral part of Consciousness-based Education and which form the common core of teaching philosophy and practice at Maharishi School. These principles enliven five Fundamentals of Education:

Receptivity — Intelligence — Knowledge — Experience — Expression

When these fundamentals are fully enlivened through ideal teaching, learning is effortless, joyful, successful and fulfilling.

The learning environment is structured to support and nourish all students regardless of learning style, abilities, background, or gender. Primary emphasis in teaching practice is given to providing comprehensive learning experiences, for students of all ages, which allow them to move through the cycle of:

Knowledge — Action — Achievement — Fulfilment

Students are encouraged to work actively with the knowledge they are gaining, and to share it with others in a variety of ways.

When these Principles of Ideal Teaching are fully lively in the life of the school, the hallmarks of ideal education are realised: enthusiasm for learning; thirst for knowledge; self-referral experience; and appreciation for the teacher.