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Maharishi School Lancashire


What do you teach? Are the subjects the usual subjects taught at school?

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, and our students in secondary school study GCSEs in a wide range of subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, History, Geography, etc. For more information please see our secondary school curriculum information.

At primary school we use many of the teaching schemes used in schools around the country, please see our primary school curriculum information and information about our phonics and reading schemes.

Are your teachers qualified?

All of our teachers are highly qualified, although as a Free School we have the option of hiring teachers who do not have a teaching certificate. This gives us the flexibility to hire an exceptional teacher who may have considerable teaching experience in the independent sector, but may not have a teaching certificate. For example, the Head of our Art Department at our School in Lancashire is the only teacher who does not have a certificate – she has a decade of experience and her Art Department is consistently rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

What are your academic results like?

In spite of being completely academically non-selective, we consistently score near the top of schools nationally, and in our last Ofsted inspection the Lancashire school received a rating of ‘Outstanding’ in 11 areas and ‘Outstanding’ overall (Ofsted 2009, before Maharishi School became a Free School).

However we are not an academic ‘hothouse’ and we are much more focused on developing the well-being and holistic development of the child, than we are on getting top academic results.

Do Children have to learn TM to apply?

No, children may of course apply and be offered a place prior to learning TM. TM is a part of the curriculum though, and each child will learn the technique either just prior to starting school or if this is not possible, in the first week after starting. There will be no charge whatsoever for children to learn TM once they are offered a place, and we will take care of scheduling their instruction for you. There is no charge for pupils accepted at the school to learn TM.

I’d love my child to attend, what do I do next?

I can take your details right now! Please click on the link for your location:

Suffolk Maharishi Free School

Lancashire Maharishi Free School

Will it require any changes in belief or faith?

None at all. Children of all faiths, as well as no faith have attended Maharishi School. All of them thrive!

What’s different about the School?

Maharishi Free School’s approach is founded on Consciousness-based Education:

1. Consciousness-based Education aims to offer complete knowledge

2. Education is the science and art of unfolding values hidden from view

3. Not only are the mind and intellect satisfied but their basis, balance in each
pupil’s life, is also developed.
4. The result of this approach is a life that has a profound basis in
the development of fulfilment for every pupil.

We deliver this in 3 ways:

1) The daily practice of TM systematically develops neurological integration of the student. This results in more balance in the child, a clearer mind, and more self-confidence.

2) We also provide our teachers with additional training in both the theory and practice of Consciousness-based Education. This programme helps them prepare to focus on bringing out the best in every child and develop each child’s creativity and intelligence in addition to improving their harmonious behaviour.

3) As individual subjects are taught by the teacher, integrating themes are brought to light that allow the pupil to relate what is being studied to their own experience. For example, “life may be found in layers”, or “every action has a reaction”. These are just as true for an individual, as they are in the physical world.

Click this next link for more information about Consciousness-based Education

Is there a connection between Maharishi School and the Maharishi Ayurved Clinic or the Maharishi Community Centre?

The secondary school building of the Maharishi Free School, the Maharishi Community Dome and the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre are located close together but there is no direct link between them. Individuals affiliated with the School, whether paid or unpaid, may participate with or support other local or national charities including the Dome or Maharishi Ayurveda. The School and Dome share parking facilities and a small number of pupils at the School attend the Dome for lessons in advanced Transcendental Meditation. So if you want to know more about the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre, Community Dome or its aim of enhancing collective consciousness, you should contact the Dome’s reception office on 01695 728847. If you would like to know more about Maharishi Free School then please call the School on 01695 729912.

Where can I get more information?

If you give us your name we can add you to our mailing list and keep you informed. You can do this by completing the short form here. We comply rigorously with The Data Protection Act 1998 so your details will remain entirely private and we will use your email address only for the purpose of keeping you updated with news or developments relating to Maharishi Schools.

Another great place to start is our website homepage. If you haven’t seen our short video yet, please have a look at it on the home page, Maharishi School home page. You can also find more information in the ‘Information about our School’ section; http://maharishischool.tdcclient.co.uk/lancashire.html