Primary School Clubs – Spring Term 2018

Maharishi School

Primary School Clubs – Spring Term 2018

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After school clubs run from the second full week of each term until the week before the last week of each full term. Therefore this term clubs will run from the week beginning 15th January until the week beginning 12th March . Please note clubs are now on Wednesdays .

Eco-Gardening Club with Mrs Painter-Chapman

Our Eco-Gardening club has developed a beautiful and bountiful garden!

So far we have produced good crops of organic potatoes, peas, broad beans and strawberries.

This year our young, intrepid gardeners have fought off uncooperative weather, pheasants and more than a few of the plump snails and slugs who lurk furtively awaiting juicy morsels.

It was so exciting to watch the apple trees the pupils planted last year grow and produce their first crop.

We are now in the process of building a rockery and have a wildflower patch to encourage the bees and wildlife, plus a bug-house which we made which we wish the snails and slugs would live in!!

We call ourselves the Eco Warriors!

Cinema Club with Miss Lunn

Going to the movies or watching films at home are popular extra-curricular activities for many families so in Cinema Club children have the opportunity to get together with their friends and watch a feature film.

This gives pupils and teachers the chance to explore the world of film.

With weekly screenings cinema club inspires, excites and opens up new avenues for learning through the pupils own imaginations.

Musical Instrument Making Club with Miss Wagstaff

Musical instrument making club is a combination of music, technology and science, making musical instruments is a great way to be creative and hands on.

Each week we will explore a section of the orchestra and learn about the instruments within. Learning the science of sound and how instruments make their sound creates understanding and provides inspiration during the design and making process.

After we have looked at instruments of the orchestra (and created some instruments along the way of course!) we will be learning how to draw, plan and construct a musical instrument of our own. This will be accompanied by looking into the wonderfully creative music of groups such as, The Vegetable Orchestra and The Recycled Orchestra.