Year 3 Eco-Brick

Year 3 has finished making an eco-brick! It’s been a few weeks in the making – you wouldn’t believe how much plastic has fit inside this one bottle. You have to make sure the plastic is clean and dry. You can put any single-use plastic in, for e.g. crisp packets, the wrappers on fruit, veg, sweets, toilet rolls etc. If you are putting something in that contains food particles, like a crisp packet, you have to wash it and make sure it’s completely dry before putting it in, as damp plastic or food will create mould and ruin the brick so it’s not usable. Eco-bricks have to be a certain weight to be usable, we found pushing the plastic down into the bottle carefully with a blunt knife was vital in achieving the correct weight. Click the link below if you want more information on how to create your own eco-bricks.